Christiano Sampaio

Born into a Real Estate family and exposed to the in and outs of Real Estate from an early age, Christiano was raised in Brazil where he attended University and studied Business. In 1995, he moved to Los Angeles and started working in the Sport Supplement industry, eventually opening a store, which resulted in starting a supplement company catering to martial arts athletes. During this experience, he learned many valuable skills in marketing, sales, and entrepreneurship. Then, in 2003, Christiano entered into Real Estate, which was a natural fit for him, and decided to sell his Supplement business to apply all his talent and heart into his newfound passion. After working for the top Real Estate firms in Los Angeles, he started his own boutique agency called Loftway in 2007. Since then, Loftway has grown into a successful brokerage and a recognizable brand in the Los Angeles Real Estate world.

(310) 902-0616